Furniture Collection Service

Second-Hand Furniture Collection Service


Treasure the Resources

From worldwide places to Hong Kong society, lots of usable resources are abandoned each day, including expensive, with good condition or reusable furniture.  In fact those furniture are also society resources, if they can be reused, landfills burden and unnecessary wastage can be reduced. The cost of acquiring furniture can also be reduced. As part of the society, both you and me can give a hand to reusing resources, reducing landfills, and making more families enjoy inexpensive but practical furniture. Please support the concept of promoting recycling service and furniture reuse. The next one being beneficial from this concept might be someone you know!


Free Furniture Collection

From 2013 onwards, we had tried our best to provide free furniture collection and to provide donors another option apart from paid clearance, which could benefit the needy as well as save money and yet enhance environmental protection. Nevertheless, due to raising cost and pressure from moving as well as manpower, free collection service could only operate until the end of August, 2022. All booked orders would continue without being affected though.



New Service ECO-MOVE : Eco-Option of Handling Used Furniture with Reward in Return


Free Furniture Collection

From our past experience as well as opinions from customers for nearly the last decade, we understand that our selective furniture collection service could not meet most of the customers’ needs, which are mainly listed as follows:

  1. Not all of the furniture could be removed at one go
  2. Some furniture might not be collected due to unforeseen situation, such as unknown damages
  3. It was so difficult to list all “suitable” furniture in the first place, as there were too many conditions and factors that would affect the final decision
  4. In case the furniture could not meet the collection criteria and needed paid disposal service, why not quoted handling fee in the first place for all of the furniture, then you retained the suitable ones for environmental protection purpose.


So, we re-thought the form of service, and as feedback to customers supporting our operation as well as the green industry, thus creating the birth of ECO-MOVE.


In short, our paid services would handle all of the furniture as requested, and it’s differentiated from typical removal services as below:

  1. Suitable parts/components/items of the disposal order, if any, would be retained for repairing or reselling purpose, instead of dumping to landfill directly.
  2. Even there’s no suitable parts/components/items of the disposal order, customer can still claim corresponding electronic coupons which can be used for spending at all of HOMENITURE LIMITED shops. For every $1000 charge on the disposal order with the final receipt, one $100 electronic coupon can be claimed.


Please refer to ECO-MOVE website for details:



ECO-MOVE Service : Removal Quotation Acquisition


Information Required:

  1. Furniture Photos *(Please inform if there is any damage parts)
  2. Furniture Dimensions
  3. Location *(Building name, please state if there is no truck parking space, and if staircases or changing lift at podium level is needed)
  4. Furniture Removal Deadline
  5. Contact person and phone number
  6. Channel of getting known of us


Enquiry Submission

Via WhatsApp to 63871255 *Please leave messages in text, we would get back to you as soon as possible, and please excuse us that no WhatsApp calls would be answered.


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