Furniture Collection Service

Second-Hand Furniture Collection Service


Treasure the Resources

From worldwide places to Hong Kong society, lots of usable resources are abandoned each day, including expensive, with good condition or reusable furniture.  In fact those furniture are also society resources, if they can be reused, landfills burden and unnecessary wastage can be reduced. The cost of acquiring furniture can also be reduced. As part of the society, both you and me can give a hand to reusing resources, reducing landfills, and making more families enjoy inexpensive but practical furniture. Please support the concept of promoting recycling service and furniture reuse. The next one being beneficial from this concept might be someone you know!


Free Furniture Collection

From 2013 onwards, we have tried our best to provide free furniture collection and to provide donors another option apart from paid clearance, which can benefit the needy as well as save money and yet enhance environmental protection. Furniture collection is free, suitable furniture is collected free of charge, there is no fee and yet no purchase. In order to reduce the cost but maintain the basic quality of the furniture, furniture collection is selective. As a starting point to encourage the public to choose and reuse second-hand furniture, furniture with good condition, standard dimensions, easy assembly and disassembly, as well as easy handling will be accepted and reused more easily. Detailed guidelines can be referred to the "Furniture Collection Criteria" below. *If some of the furniture is of low reuse value or not suitable for collection, quotation can be provided for clearance* Due to manpower limitation, staff will reply in one or two working days after receiving all necessary information. If furniture meets the free collection criteria, we will try our best to arrange according to district, furniture amount, deadline, transportation schedule, stock status etc.. Nevertheless, due to limited resources, our company cannot guarantee that each of the suitable recycling can be arranged. Please excuse us and at the same time, prepare other handling approach arrangement.


Free Furniture Collection Limitation (New)

In the absence of government and other funding, and yet the transportation and operation costs keep rising, many recyclers have adopted the approach of charged collection. Our company strives to provide the only free furniture collection service in the market, for those enthusiastic donors who agree with our operation concept. At the same time, we also appreciate most of the enthusiastic donors who understand the challenges and limitation which free collection service is facing. Due to the limited resources of our company, free collection service is based on combining orders and maximizing the collection quantity for recycling benefits. We try our best to arrange and decide the different daily schedule every week, and yet, every recycling enquiry has it own specific conditions such as, different quantities, different regions, different deadlines, etc.. So unfortunately, free collection service cannot be guaranteed to be arranged, please excuse us and prepare other handling approach arrangement.


Since the transportation and operation costs keep rising, we welcome you to send the furniture to our warehouse at Tai Kok Tsui, assisting in second-hand furniture colleciton and shortening collection time. Similarly, please send us the furniture photos as well as delivery date and time in advance, we will confirm the furniture which can be collected basing on our "Furniture Collection Criteria", and arrange manpower at warehouse.



Furniture Collection Service Enquiry


Please read the “Furniture Collection Criteria” and “Collection Service Terms and Conditions” below prior to providing information, submitted enquiry is treated as the Furniture Collection Criteria and Collection Service Terms and Conditions have been read and agreed.


Information Required for Enquiry

1) Furniture Photos *(Please inform if there is any damage part)

2) Furniture Dimensions

3) Collection Service Location *(Building name, please state if there is no truck parking space, and if staircases or changing lift at podium level is needed)

4) Deadline

5) Contact person and number

6) How you found us?


Ways of Submitting Enquiry

Via WhatsApp to Recycling Department at 63871255 * Reply in text only. No calls*



Furniture Collection Criteria


Furniture which can be collected

  • Reusable furniture with good condition

  • Furniture with acceptable normal wear

  • Appliances that have not been used for more than three years with normal operation


Furniture which cannot be collected

  • Furniture that is built-in or mounted onto wall, or window sill furniture

  • Tailor-made furniture with non-standard size or shape

  • Furniture with height of more than 220cm

  • Furniture with obvious defect(s)

  • Pre-dismantled furniture

  • If any of the screws gets stripped or any furniture that cannot be dismantled or removed smoothly

  • Furniture with incomplete fittings

  • Appliances that have been used for more than three years or cannot be operated normally


Collection Service Terms and Conditions


In order to make sure that the collection process is smooth and delightful, please read the following in detail:

  • Due to limited manpower and schedule, date and time of free collection service is based on feasible mutual agreement, and cannot be guaranteed to arrange.

  • Free collection service is only applicable to places equipped with direct lift (i.e., no change of lift at podium level nor staircases is required) and where truck can park in front of the building or at car-park.

  • Free collection excludes car-park fee (which is charged on actual basis).

  • If there is change of the agreed number of furniture for collection, please advise as early as possible. (If the agreed number of furniture for collection reduces on-the-spot, our company will charge the transportation fee required for such collection as subsidy; if the agreed number of furniture for collection increases on-the-spot, our company will decide whether the extra furniture can be collected after considering its condition, at the same time our company reserves the right of refusing to collect unsuitable furniture).

  • If clearance of furniture is required together with collection, please enquire the quotation for reference at the time of enquiry via WhatsApp.

  • If the condition of the furniture is not as stated, our company reserves the right of refusing to collect those furniture or appliances.

  • In order to facilitate the dismantlement and removal process, please keep the furniture clean, clear any item or object in or around the furniture beforehand.

  • Our company reserves the right of how to handle the collected furniture, details can be referred to our website.

  • If client wishes to cancel the collection service, please notify our staff at least 2 working days prior to the collection day.

  • If client cannot be reached 15 minutes prior to the appointment time, such collection will be cancelled, and the appointment has to be reprocessed.

  • Happy Shop reserves the right for final decision in case of any dispute.


The collection arrangement under unstable weather or typhoon circumstances:

  • Since most of the furniture material and structure cannot cope with wetness, and there is potential risk of the transportation environment with outdoor places or podium level (glasses, big component, tools, etc.), our company reserves the right of delaying collection time or changing collection date due to adverse weather.

  • If typhoon signal number 3 or above, or red or black rainstorm warning is hoisted 2 hours prior to the collection time, such collection will be cancelled.  Our company will contact client for collection time re-arrangement.


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