Company Information

HAPPYSHOP  was founded in 2012, starting from selling collected groceries.  Then she gradually changed to an organization providing furniture collection, retreading and reselling. HOMENITURE took over the company in 2014 for business expansion. We aim at promoting green life, gradually optimizing the process and upgrading product quality, as well as enhancing the use of electronic services, so as to remove the old concept of “second-hand”. Also, we would like to cultivate the environmental protection life attitude of new generation by encouraging the public to reuse local community resources and reduce wastage.


Awards and Certification

  • 2014 Hong Kong Famous Brands (HAPPYSHOP)
  • 2016 Most Valuable Services Awards - [ Most Innovative Green Enterprise In Hong Kong ] (Homeniture Limited)
  • 2016 HKQAA Hong Kong Registration Label - [ Eco-Friendly Series ] (Homeniture Limited - Furniture Recycling and Refurbishing Services)



We believe that in order to attain a team, it is needed to gather a bunch of people with different talents working towards the same goal. Due to the limited local operating environment and living space, a more flexible development is needed. So, we welcome you to join our team in different ways to support local environment protection and creation career.



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