NAPNICE Hydraulic Double Bed with Stripe Pattern Headboard

Product Code: NPHS501
Condition 100%
Qty: 1
Dimension (W x D x H) 162.00cm X 198.00cm X 115.00cm

All storage beds can be configured to open on sides or at the back

Free delivery and installation service (except outlying islands and restricted areas)*

Mattress with size of 152x183cm fits


Top accessories

Used automobile-specific oil pressure arms, imported solid wood folding row frames, and fixed threaded holes for you to disassemble and reassemble the bed frame unlimited times.


All solid wood structure

The bed frame adopts all solid wood structure, which is strong and durable.


Equipped with tail or side reveal function

The hole position of the bed frame is equipped with a side opening or tail closing function. Customers can easily change only need to purchase additional hardware components to freely change the opening and closing modes.


Built-in installation

The bed frame installation does not need to reserve any space for the outside, because our bed frame is fully built-in installation.


Changeable styles, fully removable and washable

The bed frame adopts a fully open removable and washable function. Customers can use fabric, genuine leather or Tech-leather as their appearance materials according to their personal preferences.


Oak bed feet

Oak bed feet can be installed freely according to different situations.


*If the destination is not accessible by truck, and a deliveryman needs to carry the products and go up or down stairs or walking distance more than 100m to arrive at the delivery locations. Customers need to pay an extra delivery fee.

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